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Alexandra G. Garcia, a long-serving senior executive, spent her career assisting in the management of the family's pioneering, enterprising, and ever-expanding business. She most recently worked with CIP, or Chemical Industries of the Philippines, Inc., as Chief Operating Officer and Compliance & Information Officer. In September 2017, Garcia, who has been with the company for a long time, added Compliance & Information Officer to her list of responsibilities as COO.

On October 15, 2020, she and nine other CIP directors and executives resigned, around 70 years after family member Dr. Eusebio S. Garcia started the institution. The Unioil group bought a 57 percent share in the company from the group.

Dr. Eusebio S. Garcia started CIP in 1951 as the Philippines' first chemical production firm. CIP began with producing sulfuric acid, followed by fertilizer. As the corporation flourished, it prepared the path for the country's chemical industry to develop. CIP would eventually become the Chemphil Group of Enterprises, which included a number of joint venture companies co-owned by international partners. In yet another first, CIP expanded to develop the Philippines' first polyphosphates and alkyl benzene factories.

Alexandra G. Garcia was also a member of the CAWC, Inc. board of directors. CAWC has been a world-class manufacturer of premium food, technical and ceramic grade phosphates, and phosphoric acid products for over 50 years and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIP. By its international customers in the detergent and food industries, the company is a top-ranking chemical producer and supplier. The company continues to create new high-value food grade phosphates to contribute to the economic development of the Philippines and the Asia Pacific Region as a BFAD-accredited food grade company for its food products.

Alexandra G. Garcia served on the board of Kemwater Phil Corp (KPC) and advised on a joint venture founded in 1998 with Kemira Oy of Finland. The company is a leading producer of chemicals for water treatment. Aluminum sulfate, an inorganic coagulant used to treat both drinking water and wastewater, is produced by KPC in solid and liquid form. The water, paper, and detergent industries are among its clients.

Alexandra G. Garcia's other current board seat is with CMC, or Chemphil Manufacturing Corp. She previously worked at LMG Chemicals Corp. as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director. LMG Chemicals Corporation owns 100% of CMC. Technical grade and chemically pure sulfuric acid, oleum, and sulfur flakes are their principal products. Their plant recycles molten sulfur, a hazardous by-product of nearby oil refineries, in an environmentally acceptable (far below SO2 gas emissions regulations) manner. They are also contributing to the industrial community's periodic power constraint with a turbo generator that supplies power to nearby companies while reducing the Manila Electric Company's reliance. From 2002 to 2017, Alexandra G. Garcia sat on the board of LMG Chemicals Corp, where she served for nearly 15 years.

"We believe in our obligation to promote the growth of the Philippines and to better the quality of people's lives," Alexandra G. Garcia said of the Chemphil credo.


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